Roseman University Giving

Roseman University is a non-profit institution incorporated in 1999. We provide graduate and undergraduate degrees in health professions in both Nevada and Utah. Charitable giving is key to our providing scholarships to students, preparing faculty with state-of-the-art teaching technologies.


Top Five Reasons to Give to Roseman

  1. Roseman is Nevada’s only nonprofit, private (no state funding) University of Health Sciences.
  2. The Doctorate of Dental Medicine degree in Utah was the first of its kind in the state.
  3. ALL Roseman degrees require 90% mastery in order to graduate with any degree.
  4. Giving to Roseman is immediately and directly applied to the area of need.
  5. Support the “best in class” institution of higher education universally recognized as an innovative, transforming force in health care education.

Impact of Giving

Gone are the days when people made gifts just because – because they liked what the charity did, because they liked the person asking them to give, because they wanted to associate with a particular group or just because!  Today’s givers are investing in outcomes.  Donors want to know how their gifts are used, who benefits and what problems were solved, research achievements made, and people’s lives positively affected.

Here at Roseman University we pride ourselves on ensuring that each and every gift regardless of size is stewarded in a careful manner and directly benefits the area intended by the donor.  We go to great lengths to obtain results, statistics and even connect the donor with the beneficiary of their giving as much as possible.

Thanks to your wise choice in giving to Roseman, a nonprofit, private university, you can be confident that the handling and application of giving is conducted with high integrity and continuous communication.


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