Hugh Anderson

You know it when you see it. Something you thought you knew, which turns out to be something different. Several years ago, I had the opportunity to tour the Roseman University of Health Sciences Henderson campus. I actually live a short distance away and had passed it many times. As the tour progressed I knew I was experiencing a very unique institution. We’ve all heard how education has used the same model for more than 200 years. Not Roseman. When I had the privilege to hear the history from two of the founders, Drs. Coffman and Rosenberg, I knew I was hearing a unique, entrepreneurial history not usually part of an education business model.

Recognizing the need to remedy the severe shortage of pharmacists in Southern Nevada these entrepreneurs invested their own money to start the Nevada College of Pharmacy and simultaneously create a new way to educate pharmacy students and meet the needs of an insatiable Southern Nevada healthcare economy. Without a dime of government support; mission accomplished. Nevada went from 50th in the U.S. in pharmacists per-capita to third. Roseman University of Health Sciences was built from the ground up with an innovative, entrepreneurial culture, and now we are embarking on a new challenge.

As anyone who has tried to schedule an appointment with a doctor knows, Southern Nevada suffers from a chronic shortage of physicians, primary care and specialists alike. To alleviate this problem Roseman University of Health Sciences is establishing the Roseman College of Medicine. Utilizing the same innovative teaching methods that have proven themselves throughout the University’s history, Roseman is going to produce the finest physicians to meet our community’s needs.

Roseman is unique. Roseman is special. It was built on a “can do” spirit just like Nevada. That’s what drew me to Roseman and why I ask you to join us in creating a new healthcare dynamic in Southern Nevada.

Hugh Anderson
Chair, Breakthrough in Medicine!
Campaign for the College of Medicine