Gifts of stock and ETFs can be an especially strategic gifting strategy.  By working with your broker you can easily transfer shares of your stock via wire transfer to Roseman University’s investment accounts to be converted to cash.  Stock with some appreciation can be the best gift to make because the IRS allows you to deduct as a charitable gift the difference between what you paid for the shares and its current market value on the date of transfer.  (Please note that the shares must be transferred electronically in order to not have the capital gain come into your account and that both transfer of shares and sale are usually a three (3) market day transaction).

Roseman will consider gifts of closely held stock on a case by case basis dependent on value, documented ownership and trading capacity.  Roseman will generally sell all stock (publically traded or closely held) within a reasonable time period after receipt – we do not attempt to time the market.

Gifts of Mutual Fund Units are easily conveyed to the university via your broker or financial adviser.  Please work with your broker to assure getting as close to the gift amount as possible due to these funds being held in units, not shares.  These funds can normally be processed for giving within 24 – 48 hours.

Wire Transfer Procedures please get in touch with the Advancement Office to obtain the appropriate account number for deposit.  It helps the Advancement Office if we are also alerted to expect a gift so that we can look for it within the account.  Note that wire transfer fees are the responsibility of the donor.

Donor Advised Funds are popular methods of transferring gifts to Roseman University.  As a bonna fide 501 (3) c organization we are fully eligible to receive a donor’s gift or pledge payment via a donor advised fund.  Please keep in mind that technically the donor advised fund is the entity making the gift and the donor will have already received a receipt for that transfer.

Gifts of Real Estate can be a benefit to both the donor and Roseman.  However, given the illiquid nature of real property, each opportunity will be evaluated by the university’s Gift Acceptance Committee who will conduct the review and evaluation.  It is Roseman’s practice to require a minimum of a Phase I Environmental Survey be conducted as a part of the gift process when taking title.

Gifts of Real Property – we are happy to receive an item of real property (art work, antiques, coin collections, etc.) which again will be evaluated by the Gift Acceptance Committee.  Those items germane to our mission and purpose which may be used (very recent medical equipment, supplies, etc.) right away are accepted.  Other items not in line with our purpose/mission will be sold or supplied to an auction house or online entity for conversion to cash.  Donors may choose the entity to receive the proceeds of these sales.  All appraisals for items with a value of more than $5,000 are the donor’s responsibility. 

Bitcoin and Other Internet Currency – are not accepted at this time.

To learn more on how to give, please contact or call 702-822-5330.