Join the $100 million Envision Campaign for the College of Medicine

Be a part of Envision, The Campaign for the Roseman University College of Medicine.

You can be part of the solution to one of the most critical problems facing Nevada and the region now and well into the 21st century—the crucial need for clinically excellent, community-based, socially accountable, humble, compassionate and inclusive physicians. We invite you to help bring a new, private and nonprofit MD-granting medical school to Southern Nevada through Envision, The Campaign for the College of Medicine.

Envision the Courage

Envision the courage to develop a new approach to medical education that requires a curriculum not based upon traditional courses of study and approaches to teaching but embraces the knowledge of 21st century medicine and the greater needs of individuals and for healthy communities.

Envision Community

Envision a healthy community that results from the inclusion of a cross-section of medical and other healthcare professionals providing a collaborative approach the treating their patients in their own homes or at a medical office.  

Envision Compassion

Envision the compassion of medical students and supervising faculty physicians creating a healthier community by providing healthcare to the underserved population.


For more information about Envision, please contact Amy Wiles, Director of Philanthropy, at 702-802-2882 or email: