Envision, the Campaign for the College of Medicine - Giving Back to Roseman University

Envision, the Campaign for the College of Medicine

Be a part of Envision, The Campaign for the Roseman University College of Medicine.

“We have the opportunity to powerfully impact and improve the health of our most vulnerable communities and improve our region’s health overall. The vision for our College of Medicine has the potential to truly transform how we treat patients and the outcomes we can expect.” – Dr. Renee Coffman

Our Mission: To align students, educators, and the community in designing and delivering an inclusive and collaborative environment for innovative learning, healthcare and research.

Roseman University of Health Sciences is committed to transforming medical education and the health of our communities by addressing Nevada’s critical shortage of physicians through development of a revolutionary medical school. Despite advances in medicine, increased specialization, and the highest per capita health spending of any nation, Americans still experience the growing burden of chronic disease, unsustainable healthcare costs, and persistent inequities in health status. Through the development of Roseman University’s College of Medicine, Dr. Pedro “Joe” Greer Jr., Presidential Medal of Freedom winner, recipient of the MacArthur Fellows Genius Grant, and Dean, together with his team, envisions a medical curriculum that delivers at the street level, in neighborhoods, and most importantly, in individual households. Our pioneering approach – called household-centered care – gives medical students early clinical experience in the most essential of all settings – the home. Students will learn that a patient’s overall health is mostly driven by social, economic, and environmental factors – with the home as the nexus of these factors – and that 80-90% of disease is not attributable to biologic causes – but rather the social determinants of health such as family, income, safe housing, and education.

The College of Medicine will produce the physicians of the future, developing clinically excellent, community-based, patient-centered, socially accountable, humble, compassionate, and inclusive physicians who will be national leaders in their respective fields. This will be accomplished by innovative teaching, emphasizing not only clinical excellence, but also ethics, humility, empathy, critical and creative thinking, and real-world experience. Graduates of the College of Medicine will understand the complexities of communities and how the Social Determinants of Health impact both individual and population health. The communities we serve will be partners in our teaching and learning – giving a voice to perhaps the greatest and wisest teacher – our patients.

Dean’s Advisory Council

Hugh Anderson, Managing Director, Hightower Las Vegas
Robert Anderson, Retired Partner, Snell & Wilmer
Danielle Bisterfeldt, SVP, Marketing + Consumer Experience, Summerlin The Howard Hughes Corporation
Dr. Cheryl Brewster, Professor and Senior Executive Dean, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Roseman University College of Medicine
Dr. Luther Brewster, Professor and Senior Executive Dean, Community Health Innovation, Roseman University College of Medicine
Dr. Renee Coffman, President, Roseman University of Health Sciences
Kristina Connolly, Senior Executive Dean, Finance and Operations, Roseman University College of Medicine
David J. Dunn, President | Chief Investment Officer, Kingsbridge Wealth Management, Inc.
Dr. Karin Esposito, Professor and Senior Executive Dean, Academic and Student Affairs, Interim Chair, Department of Clinical Sciences, Roseman University College of Medicine
Dr. Marin Gillis, Professor and Senior Executive Dean, Faculty Affairs & Learning Innovation, Interim Chair, Department of Justice & Health Humanities, Roseman University College of Medicine
Spencer Haywood, Spencer Haywood Foundation
Dr. Florence Jameson, President, Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada, Chairwoman of the Nevada Silver State Exchange – HealthLink
Dr. David Lawrence, Dean, College of Medicine, Keck Graduate Institute
Dr. Tom Metzger, Vice-President for Institutional Research and Effectiveness, Interim Vice-President for Philanthropy and Alumni Relations, Roseman University of Health Sciences
Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, President, DMP LLC
Rosemary Nguyen, Founder, Tam An Foundation
Rick Smith, President and CEO, RDS Enterprises LLC

GENESIS: A coordinated health ecosystem

Our medical students will join students from Roseman’s Nursing, Pharmacy, and Dental programs working within urban and rural areas and addressing Nevada’s health inequities and lack of access to care through GENESIS. GENESIS is an educational, research, community development and healthcare delivery system. GENESIS re-conceptualizes the health aligned sectors – healthcare, public health, and social services – as a coordinated health ecosystem focused on the home. GENESIS links households’ health care and social needs to a student and provider. This model allows students and providers to track patients’ social determinants of health and provide them direct and immediate access to care.

ASPIRE: Diversifying the physician workforce by inspiring students

The College is also building critical pathway programs to enable, inspire and educate the next generation of medical students. ASPIRE will track students from as early as elementary school to medical school – with one major goal – to increase the diversity of the physician workforce by exposing and providing learning opportunities for students traditionally underrepresented in medicine.

A community-dependent model  

By aligning students, educators, partners, and the community through a “community-dependent” model, we will create an inclusive and collaborative environment for innovative learning, healthcare and research. Roseman is building on its healthcare mission to advance health care education through its innovative educational model and to positively impact the health, education, and wellness of the communities it serves by launching a new kind of medical school in one of the most diverse and dynamic communities in America.


For more information about Envision, please contact Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, 305-321-7770 or email: dpowell@roseman.edu.