Patients, within the context of a community, are the focus and at the center of the values of the College of Medicine. These values represent the characteristics the College of Medicine expects to see in its students, graduates, faculty, and staff.

Excellence Only

Roseman’s founders created a highly effective, innovative and unique instructional model, the Roseman University Six-Point Mastery Learning Model®. The model incorporates mastery learning, problem-based and team-based learning, frequent assessments, a pass/no pass grading system with the required level of achievement set at 90%, and a block curricular design, intentionally created to support the highest level of academic mastery for all students. The model also addresses the different learning style of students. Not every student learns the same way. By addressing these differences, all students have a greater chance of success.

The Roseman Six-Point Mastery Learning Model will be applied to the College of Medicine, along with Roseman University’s Lifelong Colleague Commitment, thus creating a medical school that is distinctive, that is committed to high academic standards and student achievement, and that is truly innovative in its approach to medical education.