While we have made strides in our community, we have more work to do. Our community needs more locally based, talented, compassionate, and highly qualified medical partners to support the medical community that currently exists. Roseman University’s College of Medicine (COM) is part of the solution to addressing this need.

The facts tell the story –

  • Changing demographics and the evolving insurance industry are making the current physician shortage in Nevada even more dire.
  • Our state’s ranking for physicians in all specialties is also low, and it will get worse as physicians retire. Currently, one out of four doctors in Nevada is age 60 or over. There is a need for practically every physician specialty in Southern Nevada.
  • Many students that apply to medical schools in Nevada are unable to attend in Nevada because of the low number of medical school seats available in the existing Nevada medical schools.
  • There is also a need for more Graduate Medical Education (also called residency training). Nevada is far behind in the number of residency positions per 100,000. When medical students in a state attend a residency program within that same state, the possibility those students will practice medicine following residency in the state is approximately 67%.

Roseman’s COM is partnering with local hospitals to jointly develop residency positions in Nevada. Growing the number of residencies is imperative to meet the future health care needs of our state. With more residency positions, we have a greater chance of matching our students with their desire to stay in state.