Only Together: Be part of the $66 million Campaign for the College of Medicine

Founded in 1999, Roseman University of Health Sciences has been quietly laying a foundation of excellence, and achieving our vision to be a “best in class” institution of higher learning. We are transforming healthcare education by training the next generation of healthcare professionals who serve, collaborate and set new standards in our community. We haven’t done this alone. We have done this by listening to students, working alongside our community partners, creating dynamic partnerships between teacher and student, developing lifelong colleagues, and optimizing the power of cross-collaboration and training. Only together have we achieved our success to date.

While our state has challenges, we are amidst a period of positive change that will improve our community’s healthcare indicators and lift the overall quality of life of those living in Nevada. With change comes growth, diversification, and new energy. As we grow, we create stability and resources that are crucial to great cities like ours, cities like San Diego, Austin, Boston, and Miami.

But we cannot do it alone. The goal of the fundraising campaign to establish the Roseman University College of Medicine is $66 million.

We need your help now. Only together can we get to the next step. We must continue to attract, inspire and collaborate with the best, most talented faculty, volunteers, stakeholders, philanthropists and community visionaries.

So, are you ready? We invite you to join us in the next chapter of transformation. Help us bring a new medical school to Southern Nevada. Work with us to be a part of the solution. Only together will we be an unstoppable force.

Be a part of The Campaign for the Roseman University College of Medicine.

The time is now.

Only Together.